Hannah Taylor

Hannah started dancing at age 2 at a church studio in St. Louis, MO before moving to Charleston the following year and starting her dancing career at Mattoon Academy at age 3. After two years in dance classes, she was asked to join the petite team at age 5. During this time she was also taking gymnastics classes and was asked to join the Pre team. She went on to compete one year as a level three gymnast before deciding that her true love was dance.  She retired as a gymnast and dedicated all of her time to the dance company.

13 years later and thousands of hours of dancing, she is finishing her time on the MADC team. Upon graduation, Hannah will be attending Southern Illinois University  – Carbondale. She hopes to continue her dancing as a Saluki Shaker dance team member while at college. She intends on double majoring in Anthropology and History with an emphasis on Archeology. She hopes to make a career as a museum curator while spending time on various archeological digs throughout the world.